Program Duration

essence adventure program

  • ½ Day
    Suggested for events that are linked to business meetings or
    town halls where our programme will then be used to reinforce the message that is delivered during the session.
  • 1 Day
    A normal session where the participants will be engaged and 2-3 points can be delivered through it.
  • 2 Days 1 Night (2D1N)
    We highly suggest a minimum of 2 days 1 night for effectiveness; although we results can be seen within 1 day, the longer duration will ensure a better impact of the learning outcomes.
  • 3 Days 2 Nights (3D2N)
    The most ideal duration for a total transformation of your people. In our years of experience, participants starts to “open” for change after half a day, start to accept the changes within the next day and the final integration will only take place on the final day.

As much as the intervention techniques will apply to changing the Unconscious Mind immediately, we will need to note that the sessions are conducted in a group format hence slowing down the process (as opposed to 1-1 coaching). The process will be one that will be subtle.

A little note about the unconscious mind is that we operate on the daily basis based on our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind takes charge as to how we behave, how we filter information and thereby translate into the interpretation of messages. If we therefore want to create a transformation, we will need to thereby change your people from the core itself to see the effectiveness of the programme.

We have been asked as to why people don’t change? It is not that people don’t change! It may be caused by the way the programmes are structured. There are many training programmes in the market that essentially good but when people go through the training, they will essentially revert back to their old behaviors. Is the programme lousy? The answer is No. The main key challenge is that the programme will most likely focusing on what we must or must not do! This is not how people behave! People behave the way they do is to protect themselves generally! If we want them to change their behaviours, then we need to assist them to change their “core operating system”.

Therefore, with eEssence Adventure, we focus first on the CORE, once we can get that matter out of the way, we then can work with you to give the choice to your people to make the necessary transformation and be totally aligned with the vision of your company.

Types of Programs

D.I.S.C Team Profiling

DISC team profiling

D.I.S.C is among the most widely used and reliable profiling tools used for business and personal application for many years. The D.I.S.C. theory that researched and presented  by Dr. William Moulton Marston at the famous Harvard University, is a technique of determining foreseeable characteristics and actions inside human behavior. ( Read more about DISC.)

Our DISC Team Building is a powerful program, which can help your team to become more productive. Team profiling is proven to boosts self-awareness, mutual understanding, motivation and productivity in teams.

The DISC Team Building is highly recommended for project teams that have been created to fulfill certain projects. It will demonstrate as to how people will behave during the times of stress, urgency and decision-making. It will also assist you in deciding whether the team formulated will see the completion of the project seamlessly or that they may face some challenges during the execution.

The benefits of Team Profiling

  • Assists people know & understand one another better
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • A must have when recruiting – to make sure you get the best individuals for your team
  • Assists them work more efficiently collectively
  • Increases understanding among group member

What individuals will really benefit from team profiling

    • Knowing own personal and others’ desired team roles
    • Better self-knowledge
    • Develop on their own strengths while managing their weaknesses
    • Value each others’ variances
    • Greater morale
    • Work efficiently within a team where by several team roles might be absent
    • Motivate and influence others team members
    • Action plans for enhancing team carrying out work
    • More effective communication
    • Build up good performance teams

Increased common understanding and social relationships

Adventured Based Team Building

outdoor team activitieseEssence Adventure specializing in outdoor adventures. We incorporate activities such as caving, white water rafting , jungle trekking and group games into corporate team development adventures. We are well known for developing teams and helping them to connect through adventure experiences.

Come experience our specially crafted adventure team building programmes which will elevate your adrenalin and challenge your body and mind. Our goal is to build super teams that help your businesses to improve productivity, improve morale and achieve the desired results.

Problem Solving Based Team Building

problem solving

Problem solving based team building is usually performed at an outside event but can also apply to an indoor task. The goal of this team building exercise is to help the team solve certain problems given by an outside facilitator. The group will then need to identify the challenges and possible solutions while trying to work as effectively as possible to solve the problem.

This kind of team development concentrates on producing measurable results by changing behavior and thinking. It is a extensive method of teambuilding, utilizing tested strategies to achieve well-defined objectives. This kind of teambuilding concentrates on improving communication and working more efficiently, each of which increase the entire company bottom line. Organized training tools and exercises can help workers adapt as well as become part of a brand new and tougher team.

The benefits of Problem Solving Team Building

  • Apply the learning from the activities to actual workplace situation
  • Create actionable action plans that can be executed after the re-treat
  • Improve their current skill sets to own

What your people will gain from team profiling

  • Greater self-knowledge
  • Build on their strengths while handling their weaknesses


team excursionIf you are looking to reward your staffs with a nice retreat as performance incentive and at the same time providing your team with a great bonding experience, then, our TEAM EXCURSION is the program you are looking for. It’s great for every organization with employees of all ages and level of experience.

Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt

eEssence Adventure provide an engaging and entertaining treasure hunt for your next corporate team building, offsite meeting, conference or incentive programme. Treasure Hunt is fun and active way to get to know a city or resort location and an excellent team building activity for your next event. It helps build a strong relationship among your people.




Value Alignment Team Building

value alignment team buildingThis value alignment team building is essential to organizations who wishes to push their people further by first introducing a radical increase of the corporate scorecard and getting their people to be ready, equipped and aligned to the organizational vision.

With the eEssence Adventure proven methodology, your people will be ready for the new changes and geared to move towards the new vision. It is also a platform for the organization to assess the readiness of their employees to meet the future engagement of your people.

We will prepare a comprehensive report for you to assess their current competency gaps together with suggested action plans that can be taken.