Team Work

Gopeng August 2014 The program took place in Gopeng with Amway IT services. The participant showed their abilities to face new challenges and achieved their goal by working together with a team spirit and of course a lot of fun.

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team building events - super heroes

The Enthusiasm to Succeed

November 29, 2014 Our Crew is excited to be part the Alternate Channel Team Building for Sunlife Malaysia Asssurance Berhad . The main theme of the team building events is the one about Super Heroes. initially, we doubted the way we could make this gang of people starting from a

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comptel team building

Team Building for Comptel

October 10, 2014 This program is helped at Genting Awana Resort. The participants are a challenging group. We began with some ice-breakers, and follow by team initiatives activities. What we know about was the guests truly really enjoyed their moments as well as having the ability to get their learnings

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msd leader training

Leaders Training for MSD

September 14, 2014 This event consist of an extremely motivated group of leaders from throughout the country from MSD joined together to demonstrate their abilities of taking part as a team. This has been humbling regarding the way they took the endeavors and initiatives to work with each other to

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