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We offer corporate training in KL Malaysia which helps to improve customer Service, skill sets and enhance communication among your company. It is important to make sure your teams are well-trained in today’s business world. Check out our signature programs below and complete list of program here

The New Wave Leaders

This leadership training program is designed to enhance participants’ potential to lead , motivate and empower their teams. Participants will learn the key to delegate effectively; anticipate and manage conflict; coach with confidence and how to stimulate a high performance team.

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Knowing Me Knowing U

This is a Powerful workshop to enhance your Interpersonal and rapport building skills. You will learn to identify different types of “personality” and understand why people behave in a certain ways and therefore be able to adjust your communication styles accordingly. It will greatly enhance your “people skill” and help you to create strong relationship with people , whether they are your clients, superiors, subordinate, co-workers or even your spouse.

Combating Stress

This program is crafted specially to help participants cope with various stressors such as work pressures, deadlines and relationships with people. It provides well-tested practical and enjoyable stress management techniques and methodologies, as well as the attitudinal and interpersonal aspects of managing stress. It incorporates some elements of Aikido, which focuses on the concept of flexibility, peace and adaptation.

CEO Mindset

ritical Thinking is one of the essential skills of a C.E.O. By learning how to enhance your critical thinking skills, you’ll be able to think strategically, see the big picture and consider all sides of an issue to become a better problem solver and decision maker. Through this workshop, you will learn to find the right balance between rational thinking and intuition .You will become a more effective problem solver and decision maker.

Be An Influential Person

An Influential person is able to alter someone else’s perceptions, views, decisions thus their actions. Whether you are a manager, sales person, customer service representative, your effectiveness is directly correlated to your ability to influence others. You will discover the power to influence and will learn the secret to get people to say “yes”.

Sales Genius

This program introduces a new approach to sales. You will learn the essential skills to develop the ideal sales Identity, maximizing your natural talents and harnessing your positive value system to achieve your fullest potential as top-notched sales professional. You will master the key to building trust with your clients and cultivate profitable, long-term relationships with them.

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High E.Q. Leaders

As a leader, your ability to accurately perceive and manage your emotions to different situations and people is essential in your professional success. When we deal with people, we are dealing not only with their minds but also their feelings. Mastering Emotional intelligence will help to brings out the best in you and the best in others. It results in positive emotions, improved performance and professional as well as personal success.

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