Corporate Wellness

Why Should Your Company Consider a Corporate Wellness Program?

1) Improve Employee Health and Productivity

Employees are the life blood of your company, therefore we encourage our partners to place a high priority on employee health and fitness. It has been well proven that companies who support health and fitness programs for their employees achieve significantly higher productivity than those companies who doesn’t. Let eEssence help you to make workplace wellness a priority in your organization!

2) Reduce your corporate healthcare costs

Healthcare expenses are one of the largest expense in every. Get your employee’s to commit to a healthier lifestyles with regular exercise can help to reduce your overall employee health care expenses.

Our Corporate Wellness Programmes

Our Lunch Talk are designed to fit within your employee’s lunch hour and you may choose from a wide variety of topics of current issues in health, disease, and nutrition. All seminars are approximately 1 -2 hour. Examples Include:

  • Nutrition: Fact and Fiction
  • Diet Myths
  • Let food be thy medicine
  • 7 Habits of Healthy & Fit People
  • Prevention is still the best cure
  • How to eat healthily at the Mamak
  • The 1, 2, 3 of Exercise

6 Weeks Lunch and Learn Series

This package includes a variety of topics from the Lunch Talks as well as topics on Essentials Nutrition for 6 weeks. Your employees will learn to keep a healthy lifestyle through smart diet plans and regular exercise which will help to increase their overall vascular health, reduce high blood pressure, decrease obesity and heart disease and other diseases.

6 Weeks Getting in Action Series

This package includes a variety of topics from the Lunch Talks as well as after -work exercise action packed Series, where your employees can get into action and start getting fit !

The after-worked exercise can be conducted at a location near your office after working hour. Your employees will learn various warm up movements, cardio-vascular training, resistance training and flexibility exercises and various safety variables and methods for injury avoidance. This package includes:

  • 4 x Lunch and Learn Series
  • 6 x After Work Exercise Action Pack Series

Corporate Wellness Team Building

We offer Corporate Wellness Team Building which help your team feel more rejuvenated , relaxed, and connected to their work team. This refreshing approach to team building will build a good foundation for health and wellness awareness for your employees. They will be looking forward to returning to a healthier work environment and be ready to embark on their wellness journey.


This program is specially crafted in a way which will increase inter-department co-operation; enhance your team’s communication skills as well as develop team spirit through a series of engaging and interactive activities. Your team will enjoy the fun team building activities and practical exercises that can be enjoyed by all.

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