People Mastery Intensive

This is one day NLP Preview crafted for HR department. Why HR? They just not only deal with grouchy and sometimes difficult employees, yet at the same time have to ensure their bosses are happy on their own actions and performance.

From this workshop at least 3 thing they can bring back to workplace or home.

1) READING – Learn to read the unconscious signals sent by your team and superiors, and get in on what they are thinking & feeling.

2) INFLUENCING – Build trust with the other party through the us of tone of voice, choice of words, physiology and environment to ensure that the person is ready and open for influence.

3) QUESTIONING – Whether to conduct internal investigations, settle disputes or in coaching employees, you will benefit from asking the right questions in the right way to reach your goals.

We are going to Live from 27- 31 May 2019 for NEW WAVE LEADERS ( Leadership + NLP Certification Program )


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