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The Sales Extraordinaire is not a programme that talks about Selling Skills nor Selling Models! It is a programme that has been specially crafted to cover the following aspects as to sales:

  • Re-engineering Relationships with the Clients
  • How to Cross Sell to the Client
  • How to embed in the client’s mind that “you” are the key person to contact when they need financial assistants
  • How to deal with the different personalities

The path taken into this course will take you thru key milestones of important principles, self-discovery along with practical program to enjoy better customer relationship, more profitable revenue as well as better motivational drive inside your day-to-day endeavors.

Program Objectives

The workshop intents to allow the participants to:

  • Identify their true potentials that they are capable of achieving
  • Create their Sales Identity
  • Believe in their capabilities using the Self Actualization Model
  • Understand the NLP Communication Model and how to systematically apply these principles of influence to real life situations
  • Recognize and construct elusive “moments of influence” during which people are particularly receptive to your request
  • Distinguish between ethical and unethical use of influence so that you build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients, co-workers and colleagues
  • How to elicit their client’s buying strategies

Workshop Methodology

The workshop had been crafted utilizing the principles in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning and study found under DISC personality profiling, MBTI, the researchers found by Anthony Robbins, Dr John Gray, Robert Dilts, Michael Hall and a lot more. The Program is presented within an experiential approach along with lots of debriefing, activities and real life applications

Sales Extraordinaire

Module 1

Goal Setting & Needs Assessment
Frame Settings & Understanding the Human Mind & How It Is Influenced

  • What is Selling
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Presenting and Selling Products

Your Sales Identity

  • Who do you think you are?
  • What is your visions in life?
  • What are the outcomes  that you want to achieve?

The Selling Mindset

  • Programming Your Mind For Success
  • What Do you Say to Yourself Before You Make That Call?
  • How Do You Describe Yourself? (The Brand Called “U”)

Psychology of DISCovering People

  • Know thyself before others
  • Appreciating your Customers
  • Flexibility of approach with the customers
  • Recognizing your Customers by a glance of their workplace
  • How to mind read your Customers
  • What words to say or not to say when meeting Customers

How to Mind Read the Clients Via Body Language

  • The Communication Stance
  • Projecting ourselves to the world

Building Instant Trust  & Rapport

  • Building instant trust with the Customers
  • The mindset creation for trust
  • Using the right methodology to INFLUENCE the Customers

Assignment Preparation

Module 2

Session Re-Cap & Learning Review
Learning By Videos

  • Strategies that Can be Used to Calm Angry Customers
  • Recognizing the Personalities Involved

Value Elicitation Techniques

  • Value elicitation (PRACTICAL SESSION)
  • Identify your clients’ buying strategy
  • Effective ways of influence
  • Reading the Buying Signals
  • Calibrating Your Clients
  • Reading the Thought Process of the Clients

Getting Inside Information & Planting Thoughts to your Customers

  • Using the NLP Frames
  • Hypnotic words to be used
  • The Mind Access Points

Asking the Right Questions Focusing on SPIN Selling Model

  • Meta and Milton Model Questioning techniques to lead to the SPIN Selling Model
  • Handling Objections
  • Accessing Anchors with Questioning Techniques
  • Subtly suggest solutions without selling
  • How to GO FOR CLOSE without asking

Case Study Practical Applications

  • Your delegates will be challenged to sell solutions based on case studies
  • Learning Review
  • Presenting your case

Action Plan Creation

  • An action plan will be created for showcase and demonstration

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