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Welcome to eEssence Adventure. Our activities are specially designed to bond your team and improve their team morale and performance. Our work has been delivered to organizations from both public and private sectors from Malaysia and Singapore, and we have assisted thousands of individuals to develop their leadership, interpersonal, problem solving and communication skills together with aligning our personal values towards their organizational goals. Our unique methodology has also been applied to sales, cost reductions, organizational integration after mergers etc.

Our unique team building proposal and team development programs cater for all groups and sizes. eEssence Adventure have runs these events for companies from just 15 pax to 500 pax.

The arena of teambuilding is constantly evolving, eEssence Adventure constantly develops new and exciting activities to engage our participants to meet their desired outcomes. We have a wide selection programs, whether you are looking for adventurous outdoor activities such as white water rafting, boot camp challenge or indoor activities, or a fun treasure hunt , our objective is to send your employees back to work with a renewed team spirit.

Why do you need to run Team Building events for your employees?

In today’s competitive business world, a successful organization is rarely the result of a person’s contribution alone, but rather the effort of a group of people. However, very often, these groups do not always have a united approach but rely on individual talents within the group to produce the results. Some organizations are content with this sort of group performance, not realizing that their productivity could be greatly improved if there had been a more cohesive and united team. As the old cliché goes, “ A champion team will always beat a team of Champions” is certainly true.

More importantly, there has been feedback from the market that in this current generation, there has been a challenge faced by many organizations in retaining their talents! This could be due to many factors i.e. remuneration package, lifestyle flexibility etc. However, eEssence has noticed an important trend! From our research and observation, one major cause is that these employees do not feel a sense of belonging to the organization!

Have we ever wondered why some organizations have employees that have been working with them for the past 20 years? Or even more? Is it that they give them better remuneration packages compared to other organizations? The answer is NO!

When meeting these people; their common answer is that they feel that the organization is part of their family, and families stick together whether for better or for worst! There is one particular case where there was a participant of ours even mentioned that they willingly took a pay cut as their organization was not doing very well financially but they stay put in the organization! Is it because they cannot go else where? Or they are not capable? Again, as you will expect that the answer is NO! the person who mentioned this is a highly skilled person and is capable of getting a new job anytime. The question is WHY?

This person mentioned that this organization is home! This is what eEssence advocates! To build that bonding between your people and the organization and hence building the results that you will want!

corporate outdoor event

What are you looking for?

We have a wide selection of programs, which cater for all group and sizes, choose from our following unique programs:

  • Knowing U Knowing Me (DISC Team Profiling)
  • Problem Solving Based Team Building
  • TEAM Excursion
  • Thematic Team Building
  • Rush For Gold (Treasure Hunt)
  • Value Alignment

These are merely some sample programmes that we can work with you with. Depending on your outcomes that you need, we will tailor the programme to best meet your outcomes! As much there are many activities that you can engage over the internet, we are the one of the first organization in this region to guarantee that you will be able to see the results that you want!

Why Work with US

Our team building events are proven to engage our participants , promote team bonding, we use our NLP intervention techniques to craft our programmes to thereby being effective in developing leadership skills and problem solving skills in a controlled competitive environment. All our teambuilding activities are fun and practical with underlying teamwork and breakthroughs.

eEssence Adventure isn’t any common provider who engages your team in a range of fun events or activities and it stops there. A lot of companies will ask: we had fun … and now what? Here at eEssence we concentrate on the results that you desire!

Through numerous years of helping companies, we’ve efficiently launched the NLP Methodology as well as behavioral tools within our programmes. Our experiential events and  activities are designed with the Accelerated Learning Basic principle to conduct efficient learning transfer via our special de-briefing approaches.

Therefore, we don’t only concentrate on the fun aspect, we enable you to accomplish your designated end result. Areas that we’ve served companies to accomplish are listed below:

  • Foster Greater Team Relationships
  • Improved performance
  • Cost reduction and decrease in wastage
  • Breaking Down Silo Thinking
  • Revisiting Mission & Vision Statements
  • Improve Interpersonal along with Communication Skills
  • Corporate Alignment after Merger and Acquisitions

Our trainer and facilitator have many years of expertise in experiential learning and are able to customized the activities to meet each client’s organizational needs.

We are able to designed effective team building programs at a short notice. Our staffs can help you to source for the best teambuilding venues and find the hotels or resort package, which best suits your budget.

Our highly experienced trainers and facilitators is able to help you identify potential future leaders in your group and provide practical advices to your company.

Venues for Teambuilding in Malaysia

  • Penang
  • Johor
  • Singapore
  • Kuantan
  • Malacca/Melaka
  • Sarawak
  • Sabah
  • Pahang
  • Selangor
  • Terengganu
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Langkawi
  • Port Dickson

Venue for Teambuilding in Singapore

  • Singapore
  • Sentosa

Venue for Teambuilding in Vietnam

  • Vietnam