Team Building

Jungle Beat

Jungle Beat involves music, rhythms, costume, dancing and most important of all , TEAMWORK! The key messages for this activity is that Everyone is important in the development of the performance whether you are as “front liner” – the dancers on stage or the backend support – musicians, choreographer, make up artists & costume designer. A Team can achieve wonders when they are truly integrated.


Key Learning Benefits

  1. Cross Functional Cooperation
  2. Creativity and Innovation
  3. Managing Resources
  4. Teamwork

Crime Scene Investigation

This programme is meant to craft, realize and build leadership skills amongst the managers and to foster even better team work between the departments.  This programme will take your Manager to a higher and more strategic level.


CSI is a multi faceted team project that requires diverse approaches to some creative and unique challenges. It can be adapted to suit virtually any location in the world, and we have used it to suit everything from fun to substantial team and management development outcomes.


CSI is a Adventure Experience target to inculcate into each participant (through interactive learning, simulations, role-playing and experiential fun indoor and outdoor adventure activities) the importance of working as a professional team. Throughout the CSI, participants will learn the core aspects of what makes a team successful, contributing to the profitability of their company.

The Jumanji Escape Room

A treasure hunt game for all. The participants will be required to go about their surrounding area to search or to do certain task in order to complete all the levels. The eEssence escape room programme where it consists of tasks, searching for clues and answering questions.

Your people will be assigned to different google links and “jungles” where they must escape from everyone

Key Learning Benefits

  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration & Supporting one Another

Everyone Matters: Building A Dream

Building Your teams can be more than the involvement of your own employees. This is a charity linked team building activity requires your team to assemble the bicycle from scratch. They must first solve the various challenges, puzzles, and clues to “earn” tools and bicycle parts before they can proceed to the assembly. Apart from fostering great teamwork and problem solving skills, the activity delivers a meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) element. The bicycles will be donated to pre-selected orphanage.

Camera, Light & Action!

Your team will also be challenged to make their own Oscar Winning Short Film. We provide all of the professional equipment required to create a high quality short movie and you provide the creativity and performance Making a successful blockbuster movie parallels the operation of all businesses: it requires good interpersonal and communication skills, project management skills, conflict management skills, innovative and creative thinking skills, time management skills, and most importantly teamwork.

Zero Waste: Rags to Riches

Rags To Riches is an engaging CSR activity that advocates the belief for participants to give back to their community while simultaneously recycling and upcycling unwanted items.


After identifying a charity that will benefit from your event, we will help you organise the collection of clothing and other recyclable items from the delegates. At the session, teams partake in a dynamic networking and communication challenge to create a giant version of their logo in pre-determined marked out areas using all the donated items.

The Green Innovation Challenge

The Green Innovation Challenge is an initiative that encourages individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions addressing environmental challenges. Participants propose ideas related to clean energy, waste reduction, and sustainable practices. The challenge involves a structured process, including proposal submission, expert evaluation, and recognition or support for promising innovations. It fosters a culture of environmental consciousness, offering opportunities for mentorship, funding, and collaboration to bring winning ideas to fruition. The challenge plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability and harnessing innovation to address pressing environmental issues.

Sustainability Pledge

A sustainability pledge is a commitment made by your team to adopt practices that prioritize environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It involves specific goals and actions, such as reducing carbon footprints, conserving resources, promoting social equity, and supporting ethical business practices. Pledges often align with the triple bottom line, addressing environmental, social, and economic impacts. By taking a sustainability pledge, entities express their dedication to responsible conduct, contribute to a more sustainable future, and encourage others to join in collective efforts for positive change.

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