About Us

About Us

eEssence Consultants: Empowering Human Capital for Organisational Success At eEssence Consultants, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our belief in the pivotal role of people in driving organisational success fuels our mission: ensuring our clients maximise their Human Capital potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organisations achieve sustainable growth by leveraging the full potential of their human resources. We are committed to providing customised solutions that foster organisational development and individual growth.

Our Team

Our team comprises highly experienced consultants, coaches, and trainers who are experts in their respective fields. This collective expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive range of human capital services designed to address the diverse needs of our clients. Our core specialisations include:

  • HR Consultancy
  • Corporate Training
  • Team Building
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Corporate Wellness

Our Services

HR Consultancy: We assist organisations in achieving long-term commercial success through:

  • Organisational Development
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning

Corporate Training: We work closely with clients to enhance their training and development programmes by:

  • Identifying training needs
  • Designing tailored training interventions
  • Delivering impactful training sessions

Team Building: Known as one of the leading team-building providers in the region, our unique team development methodology sets us apart. We have successfully trained, coached, and profiled thousands of executives and working adults, helping teams achieve greater cohesion and productivity.

ESG: We provide strategic guidance to help organisations incorporate sustainable practices that benefit society and the environment while driving business performance.

Corporate Wellness: We design and implement wellness programmes that promote the physical and mental well-being of employees, leading to a healthier, more engaged workforce.

Our Achievements

To date, eEssence Consultants has partnered with organisations across various industries, delivering training, coaching, and consulting services that drive meaningful results. Our innovative approaches and commitment to excellence have made us a trusted partner for numerous clients seeking to enhance their human capital strategies.

Contact Us

We are here to help your organisation thrive. For more information about our services or to discuss how we can support your business, please contact us by filling up this form.

Thank you for considering eEssence Consultants as your partner in human capital excellence. We look forward to working with you to achieve your organisational goals.

Our Team Members:

Dr. Adrian Choong Ewe Lim

Entrepreneur | Trainer | Speaker | Team Builder

Lisa S

Associate Trainer

Jaz Goven


Ruth Su

Associate Trainer

Dr. Alvin Teoh

Associate Trainer

Nick B

Associate Trainer

Eugene Wong

Associate Trainer

Sunitha Mary

Training Consultant

Freda Liu

Associate Trainer

Stanley Cham

Associate Trainer

Elsie Mak

Associate Trainer

eEssence Team Group Photo
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Our consultancy and corporate training services are built to help our clients accomplish their ESG and human capital management goals. We help organisations select, develop and retain talent.

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