Dr. Adrian Choong Ewe Lim

Take Control of Your Life! is the motto for Adrian as an entrepreneur, international speaker, trainer and team builder. Adrian believes that everyone has the capability to create the life that they want and to experience it to the fullest the moment they want to. A person that started from zero, who went thru the most famous “University of Hard Knocks”, he has proven himself to succeed in the businesses that he engages in.

Simplicity is something that Adrian holds fast. “Forget the meticulous plans (although undeniably its important), identify your target and find ways to achieve it!” The biggest problem that Adrian feels that the society is facing is that people are too resourceful in identifying causes for them to fail as opposed as to how they can SUCCEED.

Adrian brings forth simple easy step by step methods that you easily use on your daily life to regain that control of your life! More than 80,000 people has benefited from Adrian’s talks and programmes by this same motto and hence made him one of the more sought after speaker in this region. Many had recognized his unique way of speaking and the examples used that it touches their hearts to create a change in their lives. Adrian have been interviewed by BFM 89.9 (www.bfm.my), to share his thoughts and views on the areas of success as well as to how to read a person like a book.

Adrian is the Founder and Lead Consultant of eEssence Consultants Sdn Bhd, a firm providing total wellness to corporates and individuals, mainly in the areas of psychological and emotional health via Entrepreneurial Mindset, Physical Wellness as well as Financial Wellness. A holistic approach is needed to facilitate the process of self-actualization.

With his experience, his modules are crafted to be fun and yet result-driven, based on principles of Accelerated Learning, Neuro Linguistic Programming and research found under MBTI, DISC personality profiling, Dr John Gray, Anthony Robbins, Michael Hall, Robert Dilts and many other gurus in personal development. His Programs are delivered in an experiential manner with loads of activities, debriefing and real life applications.

Adrian has a Doctorate in Entrepreneurship, Phd. (h.c) and also armed with a Bachelor in Laws from University of London (LLB). His professional certifications includes:

  • Certified NLP Trainer (ABNLP)
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Semantics and Neuro Linguistic Programming (ISNS)
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnosis & Meta Trance
  • Practitioner of Accessing Personal Genius
  • Practitioner of Ultimate Self- Actualization
  • Certified trainer (PSMB).

If you want to know as to the simple actions that you can take and the methods you apply to enhance your life in negotiating, presenting, selling, delivering … or knowing yourself better as part of a team and a family member; be open, be inspired, and be transformed to take control of your life!

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