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“Everything rises and falls on leadership”

This quote by Dr. John Maxwell, is so true for doing business in the 21st Century.

Things change all time.

The only one thing that remains constant is Change.

We can never assume that our business will not change, or that the demands of our customers don’t change. We have seen that through the rise and fall of large organisations where they failed to recognise these changes and disappeared.

Some companies, however, have taken the right steps and did not only improve their performance, but even became market leaders in their respective industries.

“Leadership is not about position, it’s a disposition” Dr Bill Daggett

A true leader needs two main characteristics:

  1. Vision: This is where the leaders will be able to steer the organisation to the right pathway; leading and guiding the team thru each and every step.
  2. Being Heartful: A true charismatic, artful leader who has a heart for the team. These are leaders who takes a holistic approach in managing their teams. These are leaders that will always have their loyal team mates to watch their back in whatever endeavour that they are in.

The eEssence leadership workshops will be specifically crafted to meet your organisation’s needs based on the key competencies of leaders


Learning Outcomes:

The eEssence Leadership programme will allow you to:

  • Understand the Psychology of the Leader’s Personality
  • Building & Multiplying Leaders
  • Grow Humility and Courageous Leadership
  • Explore Personal Emotional Intelligence
  • Manage Soft Skills and Communication
  • Establish the Virtues of Character

Key Training Modules

The Heart of the Leader

  • The 21st century Leader (Your people = Your Success)
  • Dilts Logical Level
  • Understanding the NLP Communication Model and ensuring effective communication by confirmation
Know thyself and others

  • Recognizing the different behavioural styles (with DISC Personality Profiling)
  • Knowing what makes a person tick and tocks
  • Leveraging on the person’s strenghts
  • Strategizing of minimizing conflicts
Building Relationship with your people

  • Rapport building using NLP Matching Skills (Tone, Words, Body)
  • Communication styles –deliver messages with impact by the VAKAd Choice of words
  • Building trust & relationship with your people
Effective Coaching Methodology

  • Coaching and supporting via value elicitation: Effective Questioning Methods
  • Overcoming challenges with the SCORE Pattern
  • Questions = Answers Methodology
  • Listening for WORD Stressors
Mind Reading and Avoiding Conflicts with your people

  • Reading the body language
  • Managing own body language
Application Effective Guides

  • When to counsel, coach and direct teaching
  • Know when to macro, micro manage and to delegate task to others

Target Audience

Our programmes are crafted to best suit your needs. Our leadership programme is suitable for a newly appointed team lead to that of a seasoned manager; the depths of the topic will be adjusted to the right audience

The off the shelf programmes are:

  • The New Wave Leaders
  • CEO Mindset
  • High EQ Leaders

Kindly contact us for more details or to further customise the programme.

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