Lisa S

Lisa S

Associate Trainer

Lisa is a dedicated and versatile wellness facilitator who brings a rich tapestry of expertise in yoga, ballet fitness, and the transformative world of sound baths. With a deep-rooted passion for holistic well-being, Lisa seamlessly navigates these diverse disciplines to guide individual on a comprehensive journey towards optimal health and inner harmony.

From a young age, Lisa has been immersed in the enchanting world of ballet. Having completed a comprehensive ballet syllabus accredited by Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). She has mastered the art of graceful movements, poise, and discipline. But there is a twist! A true fitness enthusiast at heart, Lisa has ingeniously merged their love for ballet with the exhilaration of fitness workouts.
Lisa specializing in Slow Flow And YIN Yoga, trained in the lineage of YIN founder Paul Grilley. Practice Yoga for decade and completed yoga teacher training course accredited by Yoga Alliance. Through ballet background, Lisa has cultivated a deep appreciation for flexibility, which shines through teaching style.
Lisa who with a deep understanding of the healing power of sound, they create immersive experiences that gently guide the audience into relaxation, using the resonating tones of singing bowls and instruments to soothe your body and mind. Lead on a journey of tranquility and rejuvenation through the transformative magic of sound.


Yoga Alliance, RYT200 (USA)

Royal Academy of Dance, Grade 8 (UK)

Sound Therapy, Lvl 1 & Lvl 2 (AUS)

Reiki Energy Healing AMTCT, Lvl 1 & Lvl 2 (MY)

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